How to Instantly Shift the Energy in Your Space


Take your living room, bedroom—even your work space—from glum to groovy with these 5 fixes guaranteed to uplift the energy in any space.

Nicola Tesla once said, If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Although he was probably talking about electricity and all things science, his thinking applies just as much to how we decorate our homes. Everything is energy, and everything in our space affects our energy—literally, how we feel in our home or work space. So, raising the vibration and shifting the energy in a room has an immediate effect on our energy.

The best thing is, there are simple ways that don’t take a lot of time or money to instantly shift the energy in any space at home or at work.


1. Declutter

Nothing shouts “stagnant energy” louder than clutter. Clutter in the physical world leads to mental clutter, annoyance and irritability; the eye has no place to rest or land. Clutter makes us distracted and unable to focus, competing for our attention on an energetic level. It’s always there, overloading the senses and wearing us down.

The good news is, cleaning up one or two messy, cluttered areas in any room will instantly give you more breathing room and make the room feel lighter.

In fact, researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that we are less irritable, more productive, distracted less often, and able to process information better as we clear clutter from our home and office environments.

If you don’t have time to full tidy-up a la Marie Kondo, start where you can. Take just a few minutes and start with the first cluttered space that you see first when coming home after a long day. Sort through that pile of mail. Fold and put away the mountain of clean clothes. Even clearing up one cluttered area can instantly shift and move the energy in a room.


2. Move the furniture

How we place furniture in room dictates the flow—how we physically move through the space, and how energy moves through the space as well. And, since furniture is the heaviest thing in a room, when we move furniture we are literally moving the energy.

Before switching to whole new layout, try arranging furniture on paper first. Measure your room and each piece of furniture. Transfer the room measurements to a piece of graph paper, and cut out pieces of graph paper in the approximate size of the furniture. (A good scale is 1 ft. = 1/4 inch.) Place and re-arrange the furniture pieces on the floor plan until you find a new arrangement that feels good and has good flow.

Sometimes, because of the shape and dimensions of a room and the furniture, there’s only one functional layout. In that case, move around what you can. Maybe swap the end tables or move the lamps to a new spot.


3. Add or change art

Art adds color, pattern and energy to a room. There are practical considerations such as space—is your wall large enough for it—and color. But art is also very personal.

Artist Anahit Fstkchian has a very simple rule in selecting art: “If I don’t love it, I won’t bring it into my home.” She says that art is something you look at and live with every single day, and it does affect you.

She offers these questions to ask yourself before buying a piece of art:

  • Do you connect with it?
  • Is it speaking to you?
  • Can you live with it in your home?
  • Are the colors healing for you?
  • Do the colors feel good?
  • How do you feel looking at it?

Anahit says that art can be very healing, and we often purchase art that reflects where we are in life at that moment. And because of that, we also have to give ourselves permission to let a piece go when it no longer serves us.


4. Add some color

Different colors bring in different vibes and support different moods in a room. Some easy and inexpensive ways to add color to any room:

  • Toss pillows
  • Drapery panels
  • Linens (table runners, towels, sheets)
  • Area rugs
  • Flowers
  • Art & accessories

Here’s a handy quick reference guide that you can use to bring color into your home or office depending on the space and what feeling you want in the room. (Tip: Pin this to your favorite Pinterest board for future reference!)


5. Bring nature in

An instant way to add fresh energy to any space is to add live green plants or succulents. After all, they are literally alive! Plants add oxygen to the air, and just looking at them can instantly soothe and calm.

Don’t worry if you feel like you have a brown thumb! There are several beautiful plants that can withstand low light or not getting enough water.


Any of these tips will work any time of year. Try one or two and see what a difference you will feel in your space!

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