Imagine a life where you consistently achieve each and every one of your goals and dreams. A life where you have the knowledge and skill to help others do the same — friends, coworkers, family — those people you love the most. Just suppose you could learn all of this in only seven days… you […]

FREE WORKSHOP – Benefits of Hypnotherapy & Reiki – How Each Can Help YOU This will be a fun filled evening to share and discuss several healing modalities, such as how hypnosis can help with the reprogramming of the subconscious mind and help to create positive momentum in your life. We will dispel the myths about hypnosis and explain […]

Your first workshop is $20.00 which includes your loom and weaving supplies, a meditation and a weaving lesson. Repeat classes once you have your looms will be $15.00 for the supplies, lesson and meditation. You will learn how to make a purse, pillow or wall hanging!! As you continue with more Weaving Workshops, you will […]

ANGELIC HEALING KEYS WORKSHOP with Phyllis Douglass (Vox Angelus) The name of this new modality is not as important as what stands behind it. This is an Angelic frequency that is like no other that has transcended upon the Earth, given and downloaded to me in 2010 with the changes in our Sun, Planet and […]