Event Details

This event finished on 18 August 2018

AN EVENING OF ORB PHENOMENON and PHOTOGRAPHY with Nancy Myers a.k.a. “The Orb Lady” Orb Photographer / Medium

Nancy Myers brings you a unique experience from the world of Spirit. She will share with you what Orbs are, and what they look like through images that she has taken over the years of many different types of Orbs. A digital photographs of every participant will be taken in the hopes of capturing orbs, or energy spheres, with each person. These orbs can be our loved ones who have passed or even our beloved pets letting us know that they are still very close to us. Nancy will then share the photos with the audience while reading the orbs.

Event space is limited to 20 people.

FACILITATOR BIOS: NANCY MEYERS was born in the Midwest and was raised in a very traditional, blue collar family, yet she always felt different from the rest of her family because of an inner knowing that there was something much more to the meaning of life than making a living and raising a family. From as far back as she can remember she had a hunger to know more about life after death and the spiritual gifts of communication that a few people seemed to possess. It wasn’t until the personal tragedy of her sons crossing to the other side that her own spiritual walk began through orbs. Since 2010, Nancy has taken thousands of orb photos and now considers herself to be an Orb Medium. Her work’s purpose is to share this phenomenon in the hopes that it will bring comfort to those in the grip of grief and to perhaps start others upon their own spiritual walk. Nicknamed ‘The Orb Lady’, Nancy has a unique gift of not only capturing orbs. Orbs are spheres of energy that are now appearing in many digital photographs. Within those orbs she is able see and clearly describe the faces of our loved ones in spirit. She is even able to see our beloved pets in spirit. The orbs are appearing to let us know that they are close by and that our loved ones are still very much a part of our lives.