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with Phyllis Douglass (Vox Angelus)

The name of this new modality is not as important as what stands behind it. This is an Angelic frequency that is like no other that has transcended upon the Earth, given and downloaded to me in 2010 with the changes in our Sun, Planet and solar system. After being allowed to present the Angelic Healing Keys to the public to two separate groups of participants, the Angels had me pull back into a period of refinement for the work, until humanity was ready for me to bring it forward again.

I presented the Angelic Healing Keys at a recent women’s retreat, and the spiritual transfiguration that has taken place for each of the participants has been extraordinary!

The frequencies have intensified with the process of awakening that has taken place with humankind and has now become accessible to those who are in an awakened state. The frequencies bring with them the essences of love, immense joy, and inner peace, and together with symbology and sound, are effective at mitigating circumstances of dis-ease and discontent, bringing about instantaneous changes within ones countenance on all levels of your involvement with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This workshop is for YOU if you have been doing meditation and working with opening and clearing Chakras 1 – 6, and the Crown Portal. This is not for people just beginning to walk a spiritual path or testing the waters.

All participants will receive activations for the opening and clearing of Chakras 8 – 12, and for the “Radiant Light Frequency” given by the Angels for the healing of self and others. Everyone will get to experience a Radiant Light healing.

The frequencies flow through the body and awaken patterns of old within cellular structures and DNA, causing rapid evolution and dramatic change within these structures instantaneously. The re-patterning can progress over a matter of time or occur in an instant depending upon what needs to take place to trigger the change.

The symbology serves as the circuitry in which the frequencies pass. This electromagnetic circuitous route is different for everyone once it enters the field of your body. It has a directive to activate a specific response and through the flow of sound, the floodgates are opened resulting in change. The symbology is encoded and the sounds serve as the key that opens the floodgate. Your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies will do the rest.

You will receive an Angelic Healing Keys Manual which we will use in class, and that you will be able to refer to as you continue to progress through your personal process.

COST: $227/Person

Phyllis Douglass (Vox Angelus) is a Healing and Wellness Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, and Mentor offering workshops, classes, and courses focused in the areas of Spirituality, Healing, and Mysticism. www.phyllisdouglass.com