Event Details

Sunday April 29th, 2018 from 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Pre-registration is $25 per entry or $40 for Two.

20% OFF Discount to enter the complete metabolic cleanse program.

Join us for an introduction into a science-based metabolic cleanse program, formulated to revitalize the body’s natural detoxification capabilities. Designed with efficacy and convenience in mind, this plan includes nutrients targeted for digestive, antioxidant, and liver support, and is packaged in an easy-to-use program.

Chris’s Bio:

Chris runs Sol2Wellness, a holistic concierge service designed to work (1on1) with individuals looking for maximizing their Nutrition, Energy, and Overall Health.

As a Board-Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Practitioner, and Massage Therapist, Chris works functionally with the human body to access deficiencies and uncover root cause solutions to our main organ points. Proper Ancestral Nutrition, Vitamin and Mineral supplementation and Functional movement patterns, achieving better living through nature.

Chris will guide you through our initial introduction to this convenient, easy to implement, cleanse program and feel revitalized!

You can follow him on Instagram, @Sol2Wellness