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performed by Vox Angelus, Sound Medicine Woman


Experience an immersion into an ambient soundscape woven through with the powerful and transformative vibrational frequencies of hanging and standing Gongs.  Skillfully played, gongs provide an entry point to deep meditation, relaxation, stress relief, and altered states of consciousness leaving one open to positive change physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Gong is one of the oldest transformational and therapeutic instruments that has been used for purification and ritual, ceremony, prayer, and meditation. The vibrational sounds of the Gong penetrate the entire body, and can be cleansing, restorative, revitalizing and elevating, leaving you feeling centered and at peace!

PurAmbient Sound Journeys are always held with the highest intent within a sacred and peaceful space where you are honored for who you are, where you are coming from, and nourished and empowered on your journey to becoming who you are meant to be.

As a certified Sound Therapist, healing practitioner, and musician, Phyllis Douglass (Vox Angelus) skillfully induces deep states of relaxation and meditation, creating a space where ones innate healing ability and creative essence is freed and allowed to express itself. She tones, sings and harmonizes with her Gongs, Himalayan and Quartz Singing Bowls, Drums, and all of her other sacred instruments, working with them as an extension of self creating an intimate dance with sound, fequency and light.

To receive a full vibratory experience, all instruments may be amplified for the full expressions and enrichment of sound.

Join us and bring a mat, blanket, pillow, and eye covering so that you are comfortable resting on the floor. Bolsters, blankets are available, and chairs if that is your need or preference.

Cost: $20/person