Event Details

TAKE ROOT: Ritual Herbs for Magick & Rootwork with Aleli Estrada
Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Pre-registration is $45 through 4/12/18 or $50 at the door.
Have you been wondering about how herbs have been used in ritual throughout time for everything from medicine to magick? Been wanting to get in touch with your own magickal, cultural and ritual traditions, nature and roots? This fascinating class, Take Root: Ritual Herbs for Magick and Rootwork will take you on a mystical exploration of how different herbs have been used for wellness, manifestation, ceremony and empowerment in a few of the great folk magic traditions of the world, from European woodland magick all the way to West African rootwork. Beloved herbalist, Aleli Estrada, will share with you wild magickal insights, recipes and rituals that will inspire you to deepen your roots on your own unfolding path of plant ways and mystical musings.

$45 preregistration through Thursday, April 12th, $50 thereafter.

Aleli’s Bio:
Teacher, Herbalist and Guide Aleli Estrada has worked and played within a variety of natural systems of wholeness and well-being from Permaculture to Herbalism for over 25 years. Her love of plants, nature, people, teaching and wellness is present and palpably alive in every aspect of her joyous, skillful being. Always happy to share the paths to and allies of wellness with the world, she offers a vibrant array of classes, experiences and services to the public on a regular basis, as well as private collaborations, apprenticeships and counsel. ( you can follow her on Instagram @blissbirdrising )