Front Desk
groovy staff sasha


Hippie Name: River Lilly

Sasha teaches both Restorative Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her kindhearted spirit helps people ease into the yoga flow and learn to heal both body and spirit.

groovy staff jeena


Hippie Name: Indigo Vibes

Jeena teaches our Let go! Meditation and Gentle Uplifting Yoga. She is a very nurturing person who can uplift any sprit. Her caring personality creates a safe and warm environment for her classes.



Hippie Name: Winder Moon Dance

Mari is an instructor of Pilates Plus. Always smiling and welcoming Mari has a strong talent for breaking down complex movements and ideas so that everyone can understand them. She also has a desire to help each of her students grow.

groovy staff victoria


Hippie Name: Crystal Violet

Victoria works at our front desk part time. She is a loving, devoted, and remarkable healer and teacher. She holds Crystal Healing Sessions, Gentle Take a Seat Yoga Classes, and Gentle Stretch Meditation. Let her mothering nature help heal you.



Hippie Name: Sapphire Feather

Dominique teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Belly Dancing, as well as Good Vibe Yoga & Meditation. Being down to earth and full of soul makes her classes both enriching and fun.

groovy staff hannah


Hippie Name: Violet Raindrop

Hannah instructs Pilates Plus, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and Little Sprouts Yoga. Hannah has a strong ability to connect with people of all ages. Her bright personality resonates throughout all of her classes making each person feeling like they belong.

groovy staff karen


Hippie Name White Shadow

Karen teaches Kundalini Yoga. She is a caring, inspiring, and down to earth teacher. She makes these powerful and healing classes accessible to students at all levels who wish to learn this dynamic form of yoga.



Hippie Name: Secret Rainbow Child

Vivian works at the front desk and, is the perfect combination of a beautiful smile and substance. Always attentive, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile to keep our customers happy.

groovy staff haemin


Hippie Name: Stardust Ash

Haemin instructs our Mindfulness & Meditation classes. She is down to earth, a gentle soul, and the very definition of a people person. She uses her ability to deeply connect with people to teach exceptional and life affirming classes.



Hippie Name: Blossom

Carmen is our Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Strength Building Yoga instructor. Her strong willingness to help people guides her incredible class flow.



Hippie Name:

Kathlyn is our tie dye expert, and helps put the groovy in Feeling Groovy by providing us with spectacularly colorful, fun and professional quality tie dyed products.

groovy staff jennifer


Hippie Name: Butterfly Kisses

Jennifer oversees our access bars. Very knowledgeable when it comes to energy points on the body. With access bars being the very core of accessible consciousness Jennifer helps many with problems such as: weight loss, better health, anxiety relief, and more.

groovy staff dajuan


Hippie Name: SunChi

Dajuan is a Tai Chi master, and teaches our Tai Chi courses. Dajuan carries a strong and warm energy. He not only teaches the basics of Tai Chi but, also focuses on the flow and energy behind it.

groovy staff jewels


Hippie Name: Angel Rose

Jewels is the Feeling Groovy Administration Manager. She is a large problem solver who enjoys being supportive and helpful. She has a bright personality that has a silly and playful side to it.


Hippie Name: Chef Cinnamon Toots

Betty is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. Full of sass and creativity she is always working hard to bring smiles to faces and good food to stomachs.





Hippie Name: Phenix

Martin is a Massage Therapist who is down to earth and deep rooted. His strong presence and knowledge of the body allows him to work on a plethora of issues.

phyllis 1


Hippie Name: Cosmic Rain Blossom

Phyllis is a multidimensional mind-body therapist who specializes in Myofascial Release, Message Therapy, Yoga, Sound therapy, and various forms of Shamic Therapy. She is a dynamic individual who is very passionate about giving to others.



Hippie Name: Ziggy

Emily is a Massage Therapist who specializes in helping individuals with chronic pain. She’s everybody’s friend, and easy to get along with. You can also see her working part time at the front desk.



Hippie Name: Doobie

Drew can be found at the front desk and inside the café. He’s always smiling, and happy to assist both his co-workers and customers.



Hippie Name: Indigo Moon



Hippie Name: Liquid Jazz



Hippie Name: Giving Bear

Manny is the man behind the food of Feeling Groovy’s Café. He enjoys creating new foods which are heathy for the body and the mind. He is a hard worker, who likes to take care of everyone around him, and is always there to offer help to anyone who needs it.



Hippie Name: Earth Prayer

Teddie can be found in both the café and front desk positions. A beautiful woman with the ability to make those around her laugh. She cares for others and enjoys being helpful. She is the person who can make you feel inexplicitly good, just by being around her.



Hippie Name: Sunshine Buttercup