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Access Bars Trade Night

Access Bars Trade Night:

For anyone who has taken an Access Bars class before, enjoy this trade where you get to gift a session and receive a session. For anyone who would like to experience the Bars for the first time, sessions are thirty minutes for thirty dollars..

If you are able to do so, please bring your own massage table and/or anti-gravity chair to the trade. 

Admission: $10 



An Evening of Orb Photography and Messages from the Other Side

with Nancy Myers a.k.a. "The Orb Lady" Orb Photographer / Medium and Alyson Gannon, Medium / Animal Communicator and Teacher

Nancy Myers, Orb Photographer and Alyson Gannon, Medium and Animal Communicator, have teamed up to bring you a unique experience from the world of Spirit.  During this 2 hour event participants will be able to both ‘see’ and ‘hear’ from their loved ones who have crossed to the other side.

Nancy will be taking digital photographs of every participant in the hopes of capturing orbs, or energy spheres, with each person.  These orbs can be our loved ones who have passed or even our beloved pets letting us know that they are still very close to us.  Nancy will then share the photos with the audience while reading the orbs.


Weaving Workshop

Your first workshop is $20.00 which includes your loom and weaving supplies, a meditation and a weaving lesson. Repeat classes once you have your looms will be $15.00 for the supplies, lesson and meditation. You will learn how to make a purse, pillow or wall hanging!!

As you continue with more Weaving Workshops, you will learn how to take pieces off the loom and finish them, how to wrap your loom again and how to create more complex and beautiful designs!!


March 31, 2018 12:30-2:30

April 7, 2018 4-6pm

May 5, 2018 4-6pm

June 2, 2018 4-6pm

June 30, 2018 4-6pm